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Trade Name


Grapia / Garapa / Garapeira



Scientific Name

Apuleia leiocarpa 

Can be used in gardens, swimming pools, public parks, gated communities, farms, stages, sidewalks, tableaux, bridges, benches, walls, walkways, etc..
Resistant to termites, borers, fungi, insects and weather forecast.
Provides excellent finish and high durability.

Common Names

Amarelinho, barajuba, garapeira, gema de ovo, grapiapunha, jataí-amarelo, muirajuba, muiratuá, garapa-branca, garapa-amarela, barapibo, cumarurana, muratuá (Brasil); grapia (Argentina); yvyra (Paraguay); amascapi (Peru). 

Timber Local Uses

In heavy external construction as bridges, pickets, crossties, crossheads, stakeposts and poles; in general housing as beams, joists, frames, trims, battens, doors, shutterboards, ceilings and baseboards; also used in flooring, parquet and stair treads. Manufacture of decorative furniture. Can be also used for cooperage, tool handles, truck bodies and shipbuilding.

Color: yellow to light brown.
Smell: has no smell.